What’s the Purpose for All This?

Dear reader,

it is unlikely that you know any of us. This is not just because this is the internet, but also because, in our experience, the chances of becoming friends with anyone you just so happen to come across are minimal. Generally, we don’t bother. Our friends (i.e., us) are great enough as it is. We would find it very hard to contain more friendships than this inside our tiny brains.

It’s nothing personal. You’re probably not racist, sexist, homophobic, ableist, opinionist or a Dalek. Being friends is, of course, more than simply the absence of beliefs we don’t share. If we got to know you there’s a chance we could be friends. But, as I’m sure you’ve experienced, most people aren’t worth bothering with. If you thought otherwise, you’d stop every other person you encountered on the street and reel off a list of your interests and wacky anecdotes with the promise that eventually you’ll both become the best of chums. And for our part, perhaps each of us just has an exceptionally small Dunbar’s number.

So what is the purpose for all this? We (think we) are creative, well-read and opinionated, and think the best way to render these qualities respectable is to increase the chances of someone we don’t know reading about them. That’s how it works, right? It’s almost like being published. We have various interests among us, so you might well find something you’re interested in here, and we may even stretch ourselves to talking to other human beings about them, if you have something to say.

If you’re sort of person that will enjoy this blog, in its entirety or in part, we hope you bloody well do.

The Blanketeers.