I Will Desert You

Hello, this is the first post I’m going to make here personally, and I really don’t want it to be the last.

If you’ve read our first post, you might have some idea of what we’re like as individuals. We keep to ourselves, have a small number of close friends and people we genuinely care about, and tend to retreat from everything else. For my own part, this is probably because I’m selfish.

This will be the third blog I’ve sort-of started in two years. The other two have died slow, dwindling deaths. There was also a YouTube channel that was actually surprisingly popular at one point that I now don’t really upload anything to. Each time I told myself ‘this time, it’ll be different’, or something to that effect. Nowadays, all I really run is a music-based Facebook page and this blog. But for how long?

Lately I’ve just been thinking more and more about my digital footprint. Not in the ‘oh no, those years I spent as a teenager updating my status with racial slurs has come back to haunt me’ way, though. It’s more interesting to me that all these little interrupted ventures are basically fragments of me and what my interests were from age 15 or so, but they don’t really combine into any particularly satisfactory whole that represents me as a person. It makes me wonder, how much of the internet is like this? What percentage of it is effectively abandoned; how many blogs are sitting out there that will never be updated again, or were simply created and have never had a single post?

In the meantime, some light relief.

In the end, then, what is this? I guess I’m trying to not feel guilty any more. I’m going to stay and write for a bit. This is me getting my life together, hopefully.

Rathe T.G.


One thought on “I Will Desert You

  1. Very thought provoking. It seems like a large portion of the internet is made up of abandoned blogs or even abandoned youtube channels. I checked out your youtube channel, that was pretty brave of you to taste that tesco egg bar. And interestingly enough that video about digital footprints was made by a highschool in Nebraska, my home state. Small world…


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